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Homework Assistance (Homework Room)
Completion of homework and classroom assignments is required for academic success.  For various reasons, a student may come to class with his/her work incomplete and all supplies needed.  Teachers will issue this student a homework room referral.  The student will then spend his/her lunch hour eating as well as working on classroom assignments.  A teacher supervises the homework room in order to support students academically.  Referrals may be issued for the following reasons:
  • As a way for a teacher to give extra individual attention to a student in a particular subject area
  • As a way to give a student time to complete assignments or homework
  • As a place to write a missed test
If a student disregards his/her referral and "skips" without talking to the classroom teacher, he/she will be referred to the office where appropriate discussion and action will take place. Parents will be contacted to let them know what the missing/outstanding assignments are.