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School Goals

2023-2024 Learning Improvement Plan Goals

  • Ensuring students have skills and knowledge for the future


By June 2024, our students will show growth and improvement in language expressions, literacy skills and math skills in both formal (PVSD writing assessment and F&P Reading assessment) and informal assessments.


  • Creating inclusive, safe and welcoming learning environments


     Throughout this school year our staff and students will create ways for students to experience

      opportunities that affirm their identities and create a home within Robert Southey School by making connections with peers and staff in an inclusive environment.  We will focus on helping students to see themselves reflected in our school, to be confident to get involved in school activities, and to work together to build school culture.


  • Supporting mental health and wellbeing of students and staff


Throughout this year we will focus on helping students identify and utilize strategies to improve their own mental health, cope with stressors and to advocate for their mental health needs. Student will engage in cross curricular learning experiences that reflect cultural and personal diversity and contribute to building a positive self-identity. This goal will be measured with informal student surveys.


  • Forming connections and relationships

     This school year we will focus on increasing authentic parent and student engagement and school interaction with community partners. We also want to continue to foster and strengthen relationships between our elementary and high school students in our K-12 school.